About - Soul of a Home

Defining the Soul of A Home

My name is Jenn and I am the owner and creator of Soul of a Home. Since a young girl, I have enjoyed being creative, expressing that in different avenues, more recently with handcrafted home decor. Our home is adorned with floral arrangements, colored glass vessels, & other items that I have made with my hands. I believe that a home should reflect the dwellers and should welcome those that they invite to enter in.

I started Soul of a Home because I believe just that. Our homes have an identity and we create that. We determine what we want our home to say. My husband and I always knew that we wanted our home to say, “Welcome” to all of our family and friends. We wanted it to be a place where relationships would deepen, laughs would happen, burdens would be unloaded, and rest would be experienced by all, guests, and my husband and myself alike.

From the front door to the back, we can all place our personal touches on our homes. Whether you’re in a 6 bedroom house, a studio apartment, or a dorm room, home is home. And that is what I want to help you do – make your home just that with handcrafted decor and furnishings that will cause your home to express itself in a way that only you can bring about.

I hope you enjoy all that I have to offer. Whether it’s front door decor, candles, wax melts, etc., it’s all for you to enjoy. I want to help you make your home your favorite place to be.

Welcome to Soul of a Home.

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