Is My Candle... Okay?

All of my candles are made from soy wax, which is a natural wax. Some of the characteristics of soy are: 

A) Frosting 

B) Bumpy tops 

Frosting is white crystallization that you will see on the outside or top of your candle from time to time. It doesn't affect the performance or function of the candle! As time passes, and temperature changes occur (inside and outside), the frosting may either go away or change locations on your candle. This can also change when you burn the candle. Frosting is a natural  characteristic and byproduct of soy wax! So, if you see this on your candle from time to time, know that everything is fine!  

Bumpy tops are also a byproduct of using natural soy wax. While the tops are smooth before you burn them, sometimes, after it cools, it may look rough or bumpy. Other times, it may cool smoothly. Nothing to worry about! This also does not affect the candle in any way!  Many candle producers do involve the use of paraffin wax blended with soy wax to combat these characteristics or use additives. Because I wanted to provide a cleaner, more natural option, especially for those sensitive to paraffin, this was not something that I wanted to do.  If you were concerned, I hope this helps!  Enjoy your candle! And don't forget to trim that wick! 😉

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