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Soul of a Home

Backyard Bonfire

Backyard Bonfire

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Scent Profile
Top: Sweet Orange
Middle: Clove, Hint of Balsam
Base: Smoked Wood, Cedar

Whenever the temperatures drop, I love seeing people out and about in our neighborhood. Evening walks, driveway conversations, and the sound of voices floating in the air from my neighbors' backyards. The scent of smoked wood always makes you stop in your tracks because you know that usually, something good is happening back there.

Backyard Bonfire combines the scent of smoked wood alongside orange and clove for a unique and memorable scent that you can revisit all year long.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Grace (TX)

This is my favorite candle ever it
Literally smells like you’re near a bon fire in a subtle way - Almost out 😅 love it & affordable

E.T. (TX)
Most amazing!

I am never disappointed with any of the Soul of a Home products. In fact I am always pleased and satisfied. However, with the Backyard Bonfire candle, I have to say I am BEYOND pleased and satisfied…… I am AMAZED! When I light that candle I am transported from inside my home to the back yard, sitting by a big glowing bonfire, roasting marshmallows and making S’mores. Now that’s amazing!😄😍😋

Gentle bonfire scent

This is my favorite candle from Soul of a Home so far! I was a bit concerned that the smoky scent would be overpowering, but it's not. It really is the bonfire smell I love about fall, without the headaches and smoke alarms. :)

S. (TX)
Bringing fall inside with the Backyard Bonfire!

So it's 90 degrees today and I'm sitting at my desk with a sweater and my Backyard Bonfire candle burning and I feel like I'm outside by the fire. This candle smells like a bonfire! There is definitely a smoky scent and a slight sweet smell like s'mores. Again, Jen's candles don't overpower your space, but add a hint of warmth to it.