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Soul of a Home

Pacific Waters

Pacific Waters

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Scent Profile
Top: Ozone, Citrus
Middle: Violet, Honeydew
Base: Ozone, Oakmoss

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and listen. The waves crash against each other, birds calling out overhead as the sun warms your skin. You inhale the pleasant aroma of the ocean air and immediately feel relaxed and at ease. You may not be able to visit the ocean, but you can definitely bring the ocean home with Pacific Waters. Notes like ozone and citrus top it off, bolstered with honeydew melon, violet, and oakmoss.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ana V. (TX)
Calm and light

My Pacific Waters candle is exactly what I associate with an ocean breeze: a light, fresh scent with a hint of sweetness. I keep it in my office and it's great for wonderful when I need a calming afternoon.

Chris (TX)
Beautiful light scent

I love this candle for my guest rest room! It has a strong enough scent to fill up the bathroom but the scent is light and not overwhelming. I think it’s the perfect bathroom candle!


Fills my home with such a delightful aroma

Soo Relaxing

This smells soo relaxing and makes the house smell fresh and clean!

LOVE This Candle!!!

I LOVE this candle! I was shocked by how much burn time I have gotten out of it so far! 25 hours and counting! I did follow the wick trimming instructions exactly. I love that it is a clean burn and doesn't cause any bronchial irritation or migraines! Highly recommend!