Hey There!

Meet the Maker

Texas born and raised, my name is Jenn and I’m the maker of all items you’ll see from Soul of a Home! Welcome!

Since I was a young girl, I have always enjoyed being creative and working with my hands. Our home is filled with many items that I have had the joy of making. Whether candlemaking, sewing, writing, baking/cooking, gardening, or home DIY, I couldn’t imagine not creating. It’s always been a part of who I am!


What You’ll Find

I'm passionate about functional beauty so I've worked hard to design products that would beautify any home and its décor. I'm also passionate about quality and safety. Each fragrance has been tested rigorously for scent, safety, and mood. You'll never find any paraffin or phthalates in any items from Soul of a Home. And that clean-burning soy wax? All-natural sourced here in the United States.

The Heart of it All

My husband and I are fans of having inviting home decor and I really enjoy candles as a part of that. In 2020, like many, my position at work transitioned into work-from-home. I’d light a candle as soon as I woke up in the morning and logged on. I really liked the way the candles smelled, but they didn’t make me feel so great. Being a huge home fragrance person, I needed a resolution. Additionally, some time ago a friend had visited our home and we’d had a candle burning that we’d purchased from a big box store. She began to cough and experience eye irritation, but once we extinguished the candle, she felt better. I began to do a ton of research on ingredients and began to make my own. After lots of learning and testing, here we are! I test everything thoroughly before it hits the shop, so it’s not uncommon for me to revise a formula several times before I’m satisfied with the outcome. I never want to offer anything that I’m not proud to put my name on! 

Why Soul of a Home?
I chose the name Soul of a Home because we all have something that we want our homes to say to those that we invite to be within those walls. The soul is the essence of the home. I create everything with the goal of helping others to make their homes their favorite places to be. Everything I create, I’m proud to have in our home and share with others. We all feel more at home when we’re able to add our own personal touches! When you purchase from Soul of a Home, I want you to have something beautiful and timeless that brings a sense of calm to your home and provides enjoyment.