Happy New Year from Soul of a Home!


Since I was a young girl, I have always enjoyed being creative and working with my hands. Our home is many items items that I have had the joy of making. I sincerely and fully believe that a home should always reflect the dwellers and should welcome those that they choose to invite to enter in!

I started Soul of a Home because I believe that our homes have an identity and we create that. We determine what we want our home to say. We define the soul of our homes. My husband and I always knew that we wanted our home to say, “Welcome” to all of our family and friends. We wanted it to be a place where relationships would deepen, laughs would happen, burdens would be unloaded, and rest would be experienced by all, guests, and my husband and myself alike. Scent is a great way to usher all of those things in. It can be comforting, energizing, rest-inducing, and so much more.

Each candle, wax melt, and air + linen mist is made by my own hands in small batches. I want to ensure that everything performs well and will look beautiful in all homes! From website design and label design, creation of each product and execution, sourcing, packaging and shipping, my hands are in it all.

From the front door to the back, we all place our personal touches on our homes. Whether you’re in a 6 bedroom house, a studio apartment, or a dorm room, home is home and I want to help you make your home your favorite place to be!

Welcome to Soul of a Home.